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2.3 Ford To VW Swap

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Electrical and Engine Install

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Anyone familiar with old VW's knows about the starter solenoid by-pass trick. I use this for two reasons, #1, to take care of the starter engagement, #2, I needed a 2nd 12 volt terminal to by-bass the ballast resistor to give the coil a full 12 volts when starting the motor.

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And the motor is in! I put the bumper back on to see how much clearance I was going to have, It clears no problem. You can see the alternator I used. It's a 60 amp Delco 10Si, It's a lot simpler to wire than the Ford one, and charges better at an idle.

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Some people have said you can use the stock decklid with stand-offs, I don't think so, not going to happen!

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 I will have to come up with something to cover the motor, It does rain 9 months out of the year in my part of the country.