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2.3 Ford To VW Swap

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Trans Mounts, Exhaust and Throttle Cables.

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Before mounting the motor to the transaxle, You have to beef up the mounts to carry the extra weight of the motor. I used a Empi transaxle strap kit and urethane motor mounts.

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Ok, here's the motor I will be using, It's a 2.3 out of a 79 Pinto that I bought at a abandoned vehicle auction for $10. This shot also shows the exhaust system that I mocked up for this car.

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The motor checked out great! 140psi on all 4cyls.The only changes I made were to replace the oil pan and pick-up with a reverse sump pan from a 80 mustang and a Melling hi volume oil pump.

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This is what I came up with to connect the VW accelerator cable to the Ford cable. The yellow part is made out of 1 1/4" flat stock and angle iron.