2.3 Ford To VW Swap

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     Welcome To The 2.3 Ford To VW Swap Site

Welcome to my swap site. If your are VW purist, leave now, Because you are going to hate what I did to this poor old bug. This is not a step by step how-to do it swap, Just how I did it using what I had on hand.

Being a lifelong packrat has it's advantages. Over the years I collected the parts for this swap, The 72 Super Beetle was a freebie from a friend, The motor came from a 79 Pinto that I bought at a abandoned vehicle auction for $10. The radiaitor came from a 79 Rabbit I parted out. The adaptor, I picked up at a local swap meet for a lot less than  the price of a new one.  All the other bits and pieces came from my stash or the local auto parts store. This swap is definitely low buck all the way. So come along and see how I did it my way!

This Site is
Nuts and Bolts
Under Construction

It all started with this old super beetle.....


And ended up like this......


This site is in no way connected with the Ford Motor Co. or VWoA         johnt94 is solely responsible for its content