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2.3 Ford To VW Swap

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Cooling system hoses

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I tried to use as many off the shelf parts as possible. When it came to the upper radiatior hoses, I used a cut down 79 Pinto lower hose at the thermostat housing to get the right bends. I connected this to piece of 1 1/4' copper tubing running back to a universal flex hose connected to the upper radiator port.

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I got lucky on the lower hoses, They are both from a 90 Dodge Caravan with a 3.0 V6. I used the upper hose unmodified on the water pump port running back to a short piece of 1 1/4" copper tubing that hooks to a 180 degree piece of the Dodge lower hose that connects to the lower radiator port

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Here we have the 1 1/4 copper tube going forward to the radiator.

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This shows the caravan hose going forward. It also shows the completed exhaust system with the mounting brackets bolted to the block.