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2.3 Ford To VW Swap

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More cooling system pics

click on picture to enlarge

And another shot, I pop rivited the side panels to the old floor/firewall that I cut out earlier and sealed the seams with stainless steel duct tape.

click on picture to enlarge

I installed the radiator cover to the support frame work with 10/32 machine screws around the perimeter so I could remove it to service any of the cooling system parts in the future.I sealed all the seams with,You guest it, My favorite,stainless steel duct tape.

Ok, that's it for now. check back for more updates. Thanks for stopping by. 

Update 08-18-04
Well, the 2.3 Super has been on the road for some time now. It's a blast to drive! The torque output of the 2.3 compared to the VW motor is phenomenal! I've suprised more than a few Hondas with it, The only major problem so far is that the 72 transaxle is geared way too low. It's fine around town, but forget about driving on the freeway. It's taching about 3 grand in 4th gear @ 60mph. So it looks like a freeway flyer transaxle is in the near future. This would not be problem if the car was a baja bug, I could just use a larger dia. tire to change the final drive ratio. So hang in there for the continuing saga of the 2.3 Super. Thanks for stopping by...   Drbugfixer

Update 10-05-05
Wow, It's been some time since I updated the site. Well, I no longer own the super anymore. It's now in the hands of a good buddy of mine. He's taking good care of it. He's made a few changes for the better, Like a roller cam,
because the the orginal cam had a couple of lobes go flat due to the high RPM's the engine was turning due the gearing. He says he's all ready noticed a 10 deg. drop in water temp. with this set-up. Still needs a freeway flyer transaxle, But is running a taller tire to drop the RPM's down some. He also added a Ford Courier heater under the back seat and tied it into the VW heater ducts and says it really cranks out the heat. It can actuality defrost the windshield!!! Well, that's it for now. I'll try to update the site more often.
Thanks for stopping by...  DrBugfixer